Why QIClearn is a company to watch

QIClearn launches today with a selection of high quality services that will transform the way healthcare organisations deliver quality improvement learning programmes. The QIClearn approach is founded on the principle that how we learn is just as important as what we learn. It combines excellence in learning design and digital technologies with quality improvement expertise to achieve outstanding results.

QIClearn offers a growing portfolio of courses and products. These include its’ ONE thing events series which carefully curates’ improvement tools to cut through information overload and help participants focus in on one area of improvement science at a time. Alongside this is a bespoke design service for organisations who want a learning programme (online, blended or in-person) tailored to the results they want to achieve. Deep expertise in complex systems, measurement, human factors, design thinking, service improvement, leading improvement and sustainability plays into the design and delivery of QIClearn programmes.

The QIClearn online learning space is designed around social interaction. This enables participants to learn in conversation with each other and through discussions about the learning materials. QIClearn programmes are fully responsive which means they can be accessed across a range of devices providing our participants with enormous flexibility about when and where they learn. QIClearn has partnered with Curatr whose award winning social learning technology is a great fit for the QIClearn approach.

Rachel Hammel, Head of QIClearn said, “We wanted to disrupt the way quality improvement learning programmes are traditionally approached. So, we have designed an experience that moves way beyond the ubiquitous elearning packages currently available in the healthcare sector. Our learning programmes challenge conventional methods of teaching and learning head-on with some exciting results.”

Nicola Davey, Director of the Quality Improvement Clinic said, “QIClearn provides a fresh approach to the delivery of quality and service improvement learning. Our approach is flexible, scale-able and uses new technologies creatively. It provides organisations and their learning communities with user-friendly, well-designed and effective programmes. We have a vast range of practical quality improvement expertise at our fingertips. Combine this subject-expertise with an innovative approach to learning design and what we have to offer is a very exciting prospect for healthcare organisations.’

In addition to the combined emphasis on social learning and quality improvement expertise QIClearn’s key features include:

  • Hands-on learning: Everything participants learn is put into practice immediately within their healthcare setting. This culture of practice builds confidence and develops the habits of an improver.
  • Curated content: There is a wealth of information available on improvement science – and frankly it can be a bit much. We curate bespoke resources for each of our courses to enhance (rather than overload) our participants learning.
  • Coaching: QIClearn instructors take a coaching approach to their teaching, guiding participants through their improvement projects. They provide the support and challenge needed for success.
  • Peer Review: Giving and receiving feedback are essential elements of the improvement journey. QIClearn provides the opportunity and support needed to do this successfully.
  • Teamwork: Working effectively with others is an essential element of improvement. QIClearn designs its programmes to enhance these skills and provides ample opportunity for participants to practice them.

‘QIClearn is about minimum fuss and maximum impact. Why would an organisation want to procure their own learning technologies when they can use QIClearn’s online space and subject expertise to create something excellent quickly and easily. It’s a no-brainer.’ Laura Longley, QICLearn Account Manager.