Getting Started with Quality Improvement (featuring 3minuteQI)

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Getting a good start in quality improvement provides the foundations for building a lifetime of improvement. At QIClearn we have provided a set of steps that will help you do just this quickly. You get access to our expert feedback, the option for additional coaching plus it can be completed in just 4 weeks!

This course gets you to understanding and using Quality Improvement methods. It builds a foundation of understanding so that you can go on to apply scientific change methods to your work.

Getting a good start in quality improvement provides the foundations for building a lifetime of improvement. At QIClearn we have provided a set of steps that will help you do just this quickly.


Many of us are ‘time poor’ and so we’ve created 3minuteQI® – a series of microlearning experiences that are:

  • Short enough for you to complete ‘on the go’
  • Focussed enough that you can learn the basics quickly
  • Flexible enough to be accessible from your laptop, tablet or smartphone

We will support you to progress from a QI newbie to someone who can use a small selection of QI tools and techniques – in a home or a work situation to start building the habits of an improver.

We focus on the practical elements of improvement science and how improvement works for you where you need it. With our guidance, you will identify and choose a small problem to work on and use three tools to explore the problem in more detail. We call this the discovery phase – and it’s the best place to start if you want to increase your chances of making an improvement that could last.

You will put everything you learn into practice immediately! In our online space we will be there to provide coaching support to you as you learn. By the end of this course you will have selected ONE small thing that you want to improve and learnt more than you can imagine there is to know about it. This is your first step towards improvement and sets you up perfectly to start using a robust scientifically informed change method such as the Model for Improvement or Lean.

If this is something you need in your career – you will also have the evidence to fulfil an e-portfolio requirement or Continuous Professional Development record. If you don’t need it in your career – you can certainly apply it to challenges throughout your life!

We encourage you to reflect upon and share your successes (and your failures) with others who are learning at the same time. We know that this can increase the richness and depth of your learning – and the social connections can be inspiring too.

The emphasis of the learning is very much about PRACTICAL improvement science; enabling you to learn a set of skills that you can use, on the ground, within days of starting the course.

You will learn the following:

  • How to choose a problem that is within your influence to improve
  • Seek information from other sources that provides context to your problem
  • How to describe this problem using just a few short sentences that anyone would understand
  • How to use three diagnostics tools to describe your problem in more detail
  • How to share your learning with others and learn from them too.


This course is designed for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn effective ways of making change happen
  • Anyone who wants to embrace the concept of failing safe and learning fast
  • Anyone who wants to learn about quality improvement using scientifically informed methods.
  • Anyone who to start building their QI skills and experience to take with them throughout their career.
  • Anyone who needs evidence of QI knowledge and skills for their CPD portfolio and appraisal
  • Anyone who needs evidence of QI knowledge and skills to advance their professional career.
  • ST1 onwards

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Getting Started with Quality Improvement (featuring 3minuteQI™)


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Meet your Improvement Coaches

Nicola Davey

Nicola Davey

Quality Improvement Coach

I am the director and founder of the Quality Improvement Clinic (QIC) and QIClearn and lead the programme design and delivery for face to face and online programmes supported by a team of very talented people.

I work with individuals, teams and healthcare organisations to develop better patient services and have supported hundreds of people as they embrace quality improvement methods to deliver change. I have many years of experience as quality improvement practitioner and a passion to deliver better services through delivering high-quality content for QIClearn participants.

I love seeing what people can achieve using our online social learning programmes with the support provided by our expert coaches.

Dr Heather Shearer

Dr Heather Shearer

Quality Improvement Coach

I am passionate about working with people to improve health and care services. I constantly seek to gain new knowledge and experience and apply reflective practices to enhance my skills.

I work part-time with Health Care Improvement Scotland supporting board members across Scotland to enhance their quality improvement skills and confidence in leading and governing organizations. I am also an Honorary Lecturer of the University of Dundee, working on their MSc in Quality Improvement.

I have extensive experience of teaching and coaching in the online social learning space and love to see the progress people can make when they are encouraged to translate knowledge into action. The quality of the learning pieces offered by QIClearn means that we can give a really great learning experience to all who join our programmes.