Quality improvement in practice: maternity & neonatal

Course date:

starts 12/03/2018



12 months



tailored to individual needs

Course type:

blended (online & offline)


certificate of completion

This programme builds on the work of the Maternal & Neonatal Health Safety Collaborative by providing bespoke support to individuals in maternity services within the East Midlands region. QIClearn will walk alongside you as you translate learning into practice. Over a 12-month period you will have access to our dedicated online resources – including our 3 Minute QI tools – bespoke workshops, online webinars and small group coaching.

It’s a very ‘hands-on’ approach and we deliberately design support so that it’s ‘bite-sized’ and manageable for busy professionals. We focus on the practical elements of improvement science and how improvement works on the ground in your healthcare context. We will support you to use a small selection of QI tools and techniques, apply these new skills in practice and begin to embody the habits of an improver. With our guidance you will progress through the design of your project to its delivery. Individualised support in submitting your project onto the Life QI system is also provided.

Our faculty are present throughout the learning journey, providing dedicated coaching support to help make your quality improvement a success.


Practical learning support will reflect your needs and those of your healthcare setting.

You will have tailored support in the following areas:

  • Designing your improvement project
  • Implementing the Model for Improvement and PDSA cycles
  • Understanding and practicing the QI techniques relevant to your improvement project
  • Measurement for improvement: understanding how and deciding what to measure so that you know your improvement has made a difference
  • Developing an understanding of how human factors can inform change
  • Submitting your improvement project onto the Life QI System




This programme is open to individuals working in maternity services within the East Midlands region. The East Midlands Academic Health Science Network (EMAHSN) are managing recruitment for this programme and you can express your interest by filling in the form below.


If you work in maternity and neonatal services in the East Midlands region and would like to find out more about participating in this course please register your interest below.

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Meet your instructors

Learn from improvement science specialists with practical experience in healthcare

Nicola Davey

Nicola Davey

Nicola Davey began working in improvement science some years ago when she realised the significant impact that well-designed changes could make to patients. She has previously worked as lead designer and instructor on the East Midlands BaSIS programme which introduced junior doctors to improvement science and supported them through their first improvement project. Find out more about Nicola.

Heather Shearer

Heather Shearer

Heather Shearer is passionate about working with people to improve health and care services. She works with Health Care Improvement Scotland and is an honorary lecturer at the University of Dundee on their MSc in Quality Improvement course. Heather is an experienced practitioner in online learning facilitation and has completed Improvement Advisor training with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI). Find out more about Heather