Pledge to Action®: 2020

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pledge to action® helps you move from knowing to doing through your own experience at work.

It helps you build on the good intentions you have when you have learnt something new to something meaningful when you back into the business of your work. It may be something you have learnt on a course, or one of the ideas from the grass root campaigns that we link you with.

pledge to action® includes a simple plan for you to complete to help you try out ONE thing that you have learnt. You then capture what you have learnt along the way and share what you have learnt with others.

The ONE page record is a great pieces to use as a focus piece in your appraisal, and you can add it to your learning portfolio as evidence of a significant milestone in your professional development.

The benefits of using a simple guide to make a commitment to try something new and that a few minutes to plan how to do it when you have time to think is a great way to increase your chances of actually trying it out when you are back and busy at work.

The benefits of sharing your pledge with others: the joy and motivation to act when others are acting alongside you; the pride when you get feedback on your own action; the fulfilment of trying and learning and building on small gains.

Anyone! We can all learn, but this is for people who want to make their learning count for more and deliver for their customers, clients, patients – even friends and family!

This activity works from the shopfloor to the board room; and from the training room to the activity centre.

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Pledge to Action®: 2020

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Meet your instructors

Learn from improvement science specialists with practical experience in healthcare

Nicola Davey

Nicola Davey

Nicola Davey began working in improvement science some years ago when she realised the significant impact that well-designed changes could make to patients. She has worked extensively with clinicians from a wide range of specialties and with Faculty from many different professions. She has supported people to deliver over 200 quality improvement projects and has coached many learners as they go on to mentor others.

Nicola and her team created QIClearn to deliver innovative digital support to learners and to enhance progress in face the face workshops. Our programmes have supported 100’s of learners over the past 18 months, many of whom have showcased their work at International conference.

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