pledge to action®: COVID-19

Course date:

May 2020



4 weeks



30 minutes desk time. (Includes a practical activity as coursework – you set the time commitment)

Course type:



2 CPD points

pledge to action®: COVID-19 is a simple framework for making quality improvements in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

This bite-sized course gives you a set of coaching tools to record and share learning from your pandemic experience, and think through the small changes you want to make to improve ways of working.





You will:

  • Capture key learning you don’t want to lose from your pandemic experience
  • Take the first steps towards changing things for the better
  • Implement ONE real improvement and learn from the experience
  • Gain a simple tool for starting improvement initiatives in the future
  • Gain a simple tool for sharing your key learning on LinkedIn


People who want to learn from experience and make improvements amidst a crisis. Whilst mainly for people in the health and care sectors, (who are experiencing a lot of change right now), pledge to action® can benefit anyone who wants to improve working life and introduce new ways of working.

This course is FREE for as long as we can offer it. £20 per person thereafter.

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pledge to action®: COVID-19

FREE for as long as we can

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Meet your instructors

Learn from improvement science specialists with practical experience in healthcare

Nicola Davey

Nicola Davey

Nicola Davey began working in improvement science some years ago when she realised the significant impact that well-designed changes could make to patients. She has worked extensively with clinicians from a wide range of specialties and with Faculty from many different professions. She has supported people to deliver over 200 quality improvement projects and has coached many learners as they go on to mentor others.

Nicola and her team created QIClearn to deliver innovative digital support to learners and to enhance progress in face the face workshops. Our programmes have supported 100’s of learners over the past 18 months, many of whom have showcased their work at International conference.

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