3Minute QI™: Consultant Practitioner Trainee


Course dates:

Starts October 2018


18 months


Tailored to individual needs

Course type:

Blended (online & offline)


Certificate of completion
This is an online learning experience designed for Health Education England to supplement and enrich the quality improvement curriculum for trainee consultant practitioners in the Wessex region. Participants will learn about quality improvement tools and techniques from the short, focussed and flexible content. 3minuteQI™ is designed for use ‘on the go’, is accessible across devices and relevant to practical improvement and embeds the habits of an improver. With our guidance you will progress through the design of your project to its delivery. Individualised support in submitting your project onto the Life QI system is also provided.

Our faculty are present throughout the learning journey, providing dedicated coaching support to help make your quality improvement a success.

Practical learning support will reflect your needs and those of your healthcare setting.

You will have tailored support in the following areas:

  • Designing your improvement project
  • Implementing the Model for Improvement and PDSA cycles
  • Understanding and practicing the QI techniques relevant to your improvement project
  • Measurement for improvement: understanding how and deciding what to measure so that you know your improvement has made a difference
  • Developing an understanding of how human factors can inform change
  • Submitting your improvement project onto the Life QI System

This programme is open to Consultant Practitioner Trainees selected by HEE Wessex.

If you work as a Consultant Pracitioner Trainee and would like to find out more about participating in this course express your interest here.

Meet your instructors

Learn from improvement science specialists with practical experience in healthcare

Nicola Davey

Nicola Davey

Nicola Davey began working in improvement science some years ago when she realised the significant impact that well-designed changes could make to patients. She has previously worked as lead designer and instructor on the East Midlands BaSIS programme which introduced junior doctors to improvement science and supported them through their first improvement project. Find out more about Nicola.
Laura Longley

Laura Longley

Head of QICLearn

I’m an experienced Business Development Manager, with skills in Marketing, Public Relations and Design. My background is in training and account management, which is why I love working for QIC and QIClearn™. I’m a people person and thoroughly enjoy working with clients to help them get the best QI learning programme that works for their participants.

QIClearn™ and our innovative approach to learning is an exciting place to work. It is so true that how we learn is just an important as what we learn, which is why I can sit and talk about this all day!

I’m an account manager, I manage our identity, our events portfolio and work closely with our clients to ensure they are satisfied from the start to the end of a project with us. I have a BA (Hons) in Corporate Communication and qualifications in Preparing to Teach in Lifelong Learning.

Abi Masterson

Abi Masterson

I have a strong nursing background and have led substantial organisation change and influenced national nursing policy. I have held senior leadership roles and coach at an Executive level. I’m very comfortable in both clinical and academic environments and since July 2016 I have been an Independent Governor on the Board or University of Brighton.

I remain a nurse the core and am constantly engaged in developments in nursing and midwifery. I love working with QIC and QIClearn™ and enjoy facilitating workshops with our clients working in the nursing profession as I have so much knowledge and experience to share.

I have worked as Assistant Director at The Health Foundation and Deputy Chief Executive of the Florence Nightingale Foundation and I have more than twenty years’ experience of working from ward to board!

I have worked with universities to develop new degree programmes in health and social care; supported health professional regulatory bodies in developing and implementing new regulatory processes and I feel that this really adds value when we shape our learning programmes here at QIClearn™.